The Reason You Are the Cause of Toxic Relationships

The Reason You Are the Cause of Toxic Relationships – In a relationship, there will definitely be a feeling of boredom or tiredness with everything. But we can’t just focus on that. There will be many things that can make a relationship more meaningful when you are together. Maybe when you just broke up, you often blame your ex and feel that he made your relationship toxic. You feel your ex is immature, rude, arrogant, and doesn’t want to compromise. And that’s why you two ended up breaking up. These are the characteristics if you are the cause of the relationship to be toxic.

The Reason You Are the Cause of Toxic Relationships

1. Over-behaved

We all sometimes over-analyze our partners, but for a toxic relationship you may be doing it to an unhealthy level. Not only do you guess too much about what he’s doing, but sometimes you’re just too obsessed with what he’s doing.
Every little thing and however insignificant he may do, it is something you should describe, read and ask him about. It was crazy, but at the time, you couldn’t see how crazy it was.

2. Expectations Are Too High

Not because your expectations are high because he can’t do anything. You have a detailed list of the type of boyfriend you want. Then you feel that your ex doesn’t have the quality standards you put on that list. So at your own decision, try to shape it according to what you want. You’re the kind of person who throws away half of your boyfriend’s wardrobe because you don’t like his clothes.

3. Jealousy

Maybe he has a lot of girl friends and you hate that fact. You don’t want him to hang out with his girl friends and you want him to hang out with his boy friends enough. You can express the discomfort by yelling and forbidding him to hang out with girls.

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4. Don’t Trust Your Partner

You don’t believe him. You think people cheat all the time, even in good relationships, so you’re afraid it will happen to you. You don’t want to be someone walking around with his girlfriend who has other women out there. So you often ask him about everything like where he goes, who he goes with, and why he prefers hanging out with friends over you. Very annoying.

5. Don’t want to be wrong

He is the one who is always wrong and you are not. You feel like he can’t do things right. But when you break up and look back, you realize that you actually had a lot of faults too.