Types of Communication That Can Make Relationships Toxic

Types of Communication That Can Make Relationships Toxic – In having a relationship with your partner, you will definitely be communicating with him. There are many types of communication that you can do so as not to offend your partner, but unfortunately many people use the wrong type of communication in a relationship.

1. Likes to argue over small things

The first bad habit of communication in a relationship is that you love to argue over small things. Trivial things that should be resolved well, you guys even fuss endlessly.

Like to magnify this problem is a sign that you are not mature enough in a relationship. Remember, if the problem can be solved both, do it. Not even magnify and complicate the situation.

Types of Communication That Can Make Relationships Toxic

2. Get angry if you don’t reply to messages quickly

Hey, who likes to be angry, it’s not clear if your partner doesn’t reply to messages quickly? Yes, who doesn’t hate it when their own partner likes to receive the messages we send. However, we also have to understand that everyone’s busyness is different, and not everyone can hold a cellphone all day long.

Don’t get angry right away if your partner doesn’t reply to your message quickly, maybe he’s busy with work, is focused on something, etc. As long as communication can be maintained even though he can’t reply to your messages quickly it’s not a problem.

3. Likes to be silent if there is a problem, can’t open it

The next bad habit is like to keep quiet when there is a problem and can’t open up with a partner. In fact, openness is one way to make a relationship last forever.

However, if a problem occurs, you like to stay silent, keep it to yourself, and never tell, afraid that later there will be a miscommunication with your partner. Therefore, try to be more open, if you have a problem, talk, so that you can find a solution together.

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4. Can’t control emotions well

Bad habits of communication in subsequent relationships, namely, not being able to control emotions well. Slightly angry, likes to talk rudely, and can’t control emotions.

This temperamental nature is certainly very bad for the continuity of your relationship. So don’t be like that, okay, if you’re angry, try to control your emotions, there’s no need to shout, let alone rude words that can end up hurting each other.

5. Can’t be a good listener

The last point is that you can’t be a good listener. If your partner is still talking, he likes to interrupt the conversation, doesn’t respect what he has to say, and is even busy himself.

Of course it’s unethical. Try to be a good listener to your partner. Respect what is said, don’t interrupt, and listen carefully. That’s a form of respect in relationships, so your communication can go well.

We often ignore the bad habits of communication above, but from now on don’t let it go so that your relationship can go well.…

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Things to Avoid When Relationships Are Boring

Things to Avoid When Relationships Are Boring

Things to Avoid When Relationships Are Boring – In a relationship there will definitely be boredom in it, but boredom is not a reason to stop in a relationship.
For those of you who feel your relationship is boring, it’s better to avoid this so that your relationship doesn’t fall apart again.

1. Stay away from confiding in the opposite sex

Confidence is indeed an attempt to find a way out of a problem. Besides being a relief, venting will make you feel like there is someone who wants to listen to our hearts and wants to understand the situation we are currently experiencing. But try not to confide in the opposite sex, when your relationship with your partner is boring.

This will only cause new problems, you can’t avoid feeling frustrated, or it could be that the person you are worried about becomes angry with you. Wow, the old love hasn’t finished growing yet a new love. Even though when his condition is not as stable as this, it could be just a momentary love that leads to regret. So it would be nice, not to confide in the opposite sex! Better to just get rid of boredom in other ways.

2. Too forced yourself and your partner to meet often

Meeting often can be the beginning of a boring relationship, so don’t force yourself and your partner to meet often, which will make your relationship even more messy. Try to calm down together, after feeling the boredom is gone, then you can meet again with your partner. Not always in a relationship, we have to meet every time, there is actually a boring relationship.

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3. Comparing your love story with others

Everyone has a different love story, so don’t ever compare your love story with others. What you see is not necessarily as beautiful as you imagine, it could be that they are good at covering up flaws in the relationship so they look fine. Relationships that feel boring will only get worse, when you compare your love story with others, because of the lack of gratitude for the relationship you are in.

So the key is to be grateful for what you have got, that way you will be far from this boring relationship.

4. Mixing love affairs with work matters

Not being able to control boredom in relationships, will have an impact on various aspects of life, for example in work. It’s best not to mix love affairs with work matters! Two different things, which you should be able to overcome, lest your love affairs will destroy your career too. It’s better to finish your business with your partner so that this boring relationship will be able to melt back.…

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7 Ways to Overcome Boredom in a Relationship

7 Ways to Overcome Boredom in a Relationship – Boredom is a natural human thing to feel in a relationship. This is proof of the strength of the relationship is how to respond when boredom comes. Boredom is normal in a relationship. Intense communication that is done every day sometimes invites boredom to the relationship that continues to run constantly. Especially for those of you who have been in a relationship for years. It’s okay if you get bored.

Commitment is also at stake in many temptations. But if you’re still confused about how to deal with boredom in a relationship, try the following tips.

Try going to the first place on a date

You can try these tips if you’re bored. Try asking your partner to meet at the place where you first dated. With nostalgia beautiful things that have been missed, can be a medicine for you and your partner. While going to the first place on a date, chatting something about memories of the first time you met can also be a cure when you’re bored.

Go to a new place

If you feel bored going to places you often visit with your partner, you can try these tips. New places will bring new stories.

Even with the same person, it is also possible to refresh and add travel carvings for a moment. Of course the boredom that hit you will soon disappear.

Give a break to meet

You may feel bored because you meet too often. So, to fix it, give it a break first. You can meet once a week or longer. So that the boredom that is in you turns into a longing. However, keep in touch during that time.

Remember the beautiful things and struggles before going into a relationship

Reopen the story at the beginning of the approach. The memories that you carve together sometimes feel even more beautiful after going through them. If you keep them all in your phone’s memory, go back and remember your struggles to get them. As simple as that can make you feel lucky to have it.

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Watching movies together

If you have the same hobby with your partner, use it as a cure for boredom. Watch movies with the genre you like, then after that exchange opinions about the series.

If you have other hobbies, such as cooking. You can try to make a dish and eat with it. Guaranteed these little things will make you more comfortable to survive with a partner.

Plan a vacation together

Who doesn’t like refreshing? This method is guaranteed to make you and your partner more attached. Take a vacation somewhere and spend time together to chat and share moments.

Especially on special days. You can also take the initiative to surprise him. You don’t have to wait for a special day to come.

Make short videos

If you keep a couple of shots from the start, it’s better to make short video clips for the couple.

Choose a romantic accompaniment song and you can also upload it on social media. Sometimes to overcome boredom, you just need an effort to do sweet things even if it’s just simple.

Here is a summary of how to overcome boredom in a relationship. Every couple must feel the same way. You can brush it off with the tips above. Don’t be in a hurry!…

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