Reasons to Separate Work and Relationship

Reasons to Separate Work and Relationship

Reasons to Separate Work and Relationship – The relationship between work and romance is of course one of the things that is often linked to each other, even though this relationship is very vulnerable.

In general, people in love never know the place, time, or atmosphere. This indicates that blind love is true, and often combines falling in love with other things, a small example is work.

But combining the two is not a good thing, there are at least five reasons behind the importance of separating work and love.

1. Increase productivity at work

The most important and foremost thing in a job is the level of productivity, we are talking about optimizing existing resources. To increase the productivity level, the key is only one, there is no interference from any party that can be very annoying.

A small example is a relationship, we should not combine work and romance. If the two relationships are united, it can cause a decrease in work performance, an unproductive condition as usual, and even a mixture of personal and company problems.

2. Do not overload work with something unrelated

Basically, everyone will get a workload even if the job is in accordance with what he wants. This burden can occur due to various things, whether it is a very complicated job, or even a target that he has to achieve.

If the initial load from work is heavy enough, what if it is overwritten by romance? This will be very burdensome, especially if there are love problems that cannot be resolved in a very short time.

3. Be more professional in holding a responsibility

At work, there are responsibilities that we must fulfill as part of a company or agency for the sake of comfort and smoothness of work. Without responsibility, all established procedures can be easily bypassed or even violated for personal gain.

Therefore, work and love cannot be combined into one, there is a responsibility that we must hold and be more professional in doing the work that has been determined.

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4. Focus more on what is being done

The essence of a job is focus, whether or not a job is efficient is greatly influenced by the level of our focus on what is being done. Therefore, maintaining focus is part of the job itself.

If only work is combined with romance, losing focus is not impossible. The focus of work can be completely divided, especially when your bucin level is very high and you don’t fully understand the meaning of responsibility at work.

5. Do not worsen the situation when one of them is in trouble

Whether work or romance, problems never end. Problem after problem often occurs, especially romance which tends to be prone to small fights that lead to big problems.

If only work is not separated from love, the atmosphere will be even more heated as a result of convoluted problems and very disturbing the part that is not affected by the problem.…

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