Types of Communication That Can Make Relationships Toxic

Types of Communication That Can Make Relationships Toxic – In having a relationship with your partner, you will definitely be communicating with him. There are many types of communication that you can do so as not to offend your partner, but unfortunately many people use the wrong type of communication in a relationship.

1. Likes to argue over small things

The first bad habit of communication in a relationship is that you love to argue over small things. Trivial things that should be resolved well, you guys even fuss endlessly.

Like to magnify this problem is a sign that you are not mature enough in a relationship. Remember, if the problem can be solved both, do it. Not even magnify and complicate the situation.

Types of Communication That Can Make Relationships Toxic

2. Get angry if you don’t reply to messages quickly

Hey, who likes to be angry, it’s not clear if your partner doesn’t reply to messages quickly? Yes, who doesn’t hate it when their own partner likes to receive the messages we send. However, we also have to understand that everyone’s busyness is different, and not everyone can hold a cellphone all day long.

Don’t get angry right away if your partner doesn’t reply to your message quickly, maybe he’s busy with work, is focused on something, etc. As long as communication can be maintained even though he can’t reply to your messages quickly it’s not a problem.

3. Likes to be silent if there is a problem, can’t open it

The next bad habit is like to keep quiet when there is a problem and can’t open up with a partner. In fact, openness is one way to make a relationship last forever.

However, if a problem occurs, you like to stay silent, keep it to yourself, and never tell, afraid that later there will be a miscommunication with your partner. Therefore, try to be more open, if you have a problem, talk, so that you can find a solution together.

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4. Can’t control emotions well

Bad habits of communication in subsequent relationships, namely, not being able to control emotions well. Slightly angry, likes to talk rudely, and can’t control emotions.

This temperamental nature is certainly very bad for the continuity of your relationship. So don’t be like that, okay, if you’re angry, try to control your emotions, there’s no need to shout, let alone rude words that can end up hurting each other.

5. Can’t be a good listener

The last point is that you can’t be a good listener. If your partner is still talking, he likes to interrupt the conversation, doesn’t respect what he has to say, and is even busy himself.

Of course it’s unethical. Try to be a good listener to your partner. Respect what is said, don’t interrupt, and listen carefully. That’s a form of respect in relationships, so your communication can go well.

We often ignore the bad habits of communication above, but from now on don’t let it go so that your relationship can go well.…

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