Recognize the Signs of an LDR Relationship Not Going Well

Recognize the Signs of an LDR Relationship Not Going Well – In a relationship, it is necessary to be able to understand each other. Just a close relationship can create a fight, let alone a long distance relationship? For some people, this LDR is also known as a relationship that is almost impossible to succeed.

So, what are the characteristics of a problematic LDR relationship? There are 5 signs that you should watch out for, here’s an explanation.

Recognize the Signs of an LDR Relationship Not Going Well

No more communication

Research reveals that the happiest couples are those who have something in common. They tend to focus on communication, commitment, problem solving, and intimacy with their partner.
Poor communication is a significant sign that your long-distance relationship isn’t working.

No longer focus on you

When you first meet, the two of you will probably make anything a topic in order to talk to each other.
If your current partner seems distracted when you talk or seems like they’d rather do something else, it could be a sign that your long distance relationship is in trouble.

Often disagree

One sure sign that your long-distance relationship is falling apart is if you and your partner often fight.
Whether it’s because of a big problem or a trivial thing like jealousy, constantly arguing isn’t healthy for a partner.

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Fall in love with someone else

If you’re still looking for reasons why your relationship is so hard to maintain, falling in love with someone else will be at the top of your list.
Without you knowing it, you may have a crush on someone in your current circle of friends. Seeing someone continuously can build a chemistry that you can’t feel with your partner far away.

You are always busy

Do you often make plans without involving your partner? If you’ve started to stop taking the time to chat either via phone or video calls with your lover, that’s a big setback in your long-distance relationship.

If your LDR relationship has to end, you have to be heartened and accept the fact that long distance relationships are difficult