Know About Violence in Relationships

Know About Violence in Relationships

Know About Violence in Relationships – Toxic relationship is one of the experiences that are often experienced in relationships, this toxic relationship must of course be avoided.

Violence in relationships is something we often hear about, or even happen to those closest to us, such as relatives or friends. Generally, it is women who often become victims, but it does not rule out that men can also become victims.

When we hear the word violence, usually what comes to our mind is physical violence, such as hitting, slapping and others that can be seen visually. However, there are actually many types of violence in relationships, not just physical violence. What are the types?

1. Physical abuse or physical violence

Physical abuse is violence that involves the physical or limb that can cause pain, disability and even death. Examples of physical violence include: slapping, kicking, choking, threatening with weapons, throwing objects with things and pulling or pushing by force.

Although the violence committed does not cause pain, for example by pulling forcefully in a public place, it must be a warning, because no matter how small the violence, it is still violence that can escalate if it is not immediately ended.

2. Emotional and verbal abuse or emotional and verbal abuse

Emotional and verbal abuse is violence that is done without hurting physically, but attacks the victim’s emotions with harsh and degrading words. Examples of this violence are humiliation, intimidation, threats, accusations of cheating without any evidence and manipulation or causing guilt in the victim for actions that the victim has never committed.

3. Sexual abuse or sexual violence

Sexual abuse is an act of sexual violence in the form of coercion for the victim to have sex or other sexual activities. Examples are rape, unwanted kissing and forcing not to use a safety guard or condom during intercourse.

So, even though they have become partners, boyfriends and even husbands and wives, sexual activity carried out on the basis of coercion is a form of violence.

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4. Financial abuse or financial violence

Financial abuse is violence committed by regulating or supervising a partner’s finances. Examples of this form of violence are using a partner’s credit card without permission, prohibiting a partner from working, keeping a partner’s salary and hiding it, prohibiting a partner from bringing his personal vehicle and monitoring a partner’s expenses.

5. Digital abuse or digital violence

Digital abuse is a form of emotional or verbal abuse online through social media. Examples of forms of digital violence are asking for a partner’s social media password, regulating what can and cannot be posted, arranging friendships on social media, forcing a partner to send indecent photos or videos, checking messages on a partner’s cellphone and installing a GPS with the intention of monitoring the partner. .…

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Reasons for Feeling Insecure in Relationships

Reasons for Feeling Insecure in Relationships

Reasons for Feeling Insecure in Relationships – Feeling insecure is something that everyone has experienced, especially for women, this feeling is certainly a boomerang in love relationships.

A flowery heart, a feeling of happiness that cannot be expressed in words can be a feeling when you are in love. However, over time, it’s not just the sweet things that you feel, some people even claim to feel insecure when in a relationship. These negative feelings, if not addressed immediately, can lead to rifts in relationships that are actually good, you know.

Well, one of the first steps that must be taken is to check first about what is the reason you feel insecure. There are several reasons that can make you feel this unpleasant feeling when in a love relationship.

1. Often compare the relationships they have

This is the reason why social media can be so dangerous. One of them is that you find it easier to compare the relationships you have with the relationships that other people have. Those who show off intimate moments on social media can make you feel that your partner is not very romantic. Those who always hang out together with their partner make you feel like you never have time with him.

In fact, it could be that your relationship in the real world is much higher quality than the relationship of people who often show off on social media. So, at least check the social media.

2. Having past bitter experiences

Past bitter experiences can also trigger a feeling of insecure. This is normal and may indeed cause a trauma that is hard to get rid of. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be cured. Communicating it with a partner can be the first step you can try.

3. Shrouded in fear of being betrayed

Your fear of being in a relationship may very well be caused by yourself. You are so afraid of being betrayed and left out that you end up raising your own worries. In the end, you become excessive and make your partner embarrassed, you know.

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4. Feeling unworthy of being loved

Insecure is also very, very likely to arise because of a lack of confidence in your heart. You don’t even feel worthy to be loved so sincerely. Duh, if you act like this yourself, how can other people love you with all their heart?

5. Too often let down by others

Not only a bitter experience, often being disappointed by the closest people you really trust might cause insecurity. You can’t show genuine affection because you are often disappointed when you have given everything. Remember, disappointment won’t come if you don’t expect too much.…

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Reasons to Separate Work and Relationship

Reasons to Separate Work and Relationship

Reasons to Separate Work and Relationship – The relationship between work and romance is of course one of the things that is often linked to each other, even though this relationship is very vulnerable.

In general, people in love never know the place, time, or atmosphere. This indicates that blind love is true, and often combines falling in love with other things, a small example is work.

But combining the two is not a good thing, there are at least five reasons behind the importance of separating work and love.

1. Increase productivity at work

The most important and foremost thing in a job is the level of productivity, we are talking about optimizing existing resources. To increase the productivity level, the key is only one, there is no interference from any party that can be very annoying.

A small example is a relationship, we should not combine work and romance. If the two relationships are united, it can cause a decrease in work performance, an unproductive condition as usual, and even a mixture of personal and company problems.

2. Do not overload work with something unrelated

Basically, everyone will get a workload even if the job is in accordance with what he wants. This burden can occur due to various things, whether it is a very complicated job, or even a target that he has to achieve.

If the initial load from work is heavy enough, what if it is overwritten by romance? This will be very burdensome, especially if there are love problems that cannot be resolved in a very short time.

3. Be more professional in holding a responsibility

At work, there are responsibilities that we must fulfill as part of a company or agency for the sake of comfort and smoothness of work. Without responsibility, all established procedures can be easily bypassed or even violated for personal gain.

Therefore, work and love cannot be combined into one, there is a responsibility that we must hold and be more professional in doing the work that has been determined.

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4. Focus more on what is being done

The essence of a job is focus, whether or not a job is efficient is greatly influenced by the level of our focus on what is being done. Therefore, maintaining focus is part of the job itself.

If only work is combined with romance, losing focus is not impossible. The focus of work can be completely divided, especially when your bucin level is very high and you don’t fully understand the meaning of responsibility at work.

5. Do not worsen the situation when one of them is in trouble

Whether work or romance, problems never end. Problem after problem often occurs, especially romance which tends to be prone to small fights that lead to big problems.

If only work is not separated from love, the atmosphere will be even more heated as a result of convoluted problems and very disturbing the part that is not affected by the problem.…

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Reasons Must Expose Relationships

Reasons Must Expose Relationships

Reasons Must Expose Relationships – Exposing dating relationships is often quite a problem in dating relationships, there are often pros and cons in exposing relationships.

Many people think that indulging in the relationship only causes bad effects. However, no one realized that in fact it needed to be done so that the relationship became healthier and more transparent.

Because of the stigma that appears in the field, couples always avoid it so they are not disturbed by what other people say. Try to think clearly and get rid of the bad view of indulging in relationships when examining the following explanation.

1. Share happiness

Not forever the indulgence of the relationship will end unhappily. Those who say that are only jealous of your relationship which seems happier than its own. Therefore, do not be consumed by other people’s words that will only hurt you.

Posting photos that contain your intimacy with your partner can actually make other people happy too. The concrete example is your friends, they will be happy when they find you have a partner because you have succeeded in your lonely days that seem sad.

2. Minimizing infidelity

Actually, the main purpose of indulging in relationships is for other people to know that you and your partner are happy and cannot be disturbed. This will certainly minimize the entry of third people who will damage your relationship.

Everyone would agree that infidelity is the most fatal thing in a relationship and cannot be forgiven. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Suppose indulging in a relationship is one of the preventive steps to avoid infidelity.

3. Avoiding the bully in a relationship

The guest couldn’t enter when the host didn’t open the door for him. It is the same as the entry of a third person, he will not interfere in a relationship if you do not open the door to your heart for him.

Remember that the trials will inevitably arise repeatedly regardless of time and place. When you decide to spit your happiness with your partner it will cause third people to hesitate to start harassing your relationship.

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4. Generating inner satisfaction because it has been recognized

Everyone would agree that their happiness in a relationship is when the partner has acknowledged himself. Indeed, this is too much to look at, but in fact it is like that.

Even though your partner has verbally acknowledged that you are his crush, you also definitely need concrete evidence of that confession. One example is posting a photo together on an account profile or posting it on social media.

5. Can motivate others

You should not be too fixated on just what other people say to you, but try to see what is positive in nature. Believe that everyone in this world has a very different point of view and cannot be generalized.

There must be people who are still single and when they see photos of your intimacy with your partner, they will surely be motivated to find a life partner to feel the same happiness as you.…

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Reasons Should End Relationsip Problems

Reasons Should End Relationsip Problems

Reasons Should End Relationship Problems – In undergoing a relationship when you experience problems, of course you have to end the problem without ending the relationship if you don’t have to.

In a love relationship, facing problem after problem is not uncommon and taboo anymore. It’s just that, not everyone can end the problem completely and really end.

Even though the problems you face are tough, there are at least five reasons you should be able to end your love problems completely. For more details, let’s look at the reviews below.

1. Do not make it difficult for you in the future

Basically, love problems are difficult at first. However, it will be fine if you finish everything without delay.

This is not without clear reasons, the goal is that these problems do not make it difficult for you in the future. It is not impossible if your ex-partner returns to bring up previously unresolved problems.

2. More clarify the status of your relationship with him at this time

Broadly speaking, a love problem is so complex that it is possible for someone to separate. However, it is still better than the problem that has not been resolved and the status of the relationship is unclear.

In fact, ending love problems completely is very important. At least, your relationship will be clearer and not hang because it is not completely finished.

3. It is easier to decide whether to stay or separate

Basically, love problems often leave us in a dilemma to stay or separate. However, you have to finish this matter, don’t let it lie dormant.

At least, it’s easier for you to decide whether to stick with it or just let it go. Love matters are very crucial, don’t take it for granted.

4. Do not make your life full of anxiety because of unfinished business

In relationships, romance is not good news. However, you must finish it immediately, even if it’s difficult, don’t delay or just let it be.

Ending love problems is also for your own good, doesn’t make your life full of anxiety because of unfinished business. Restlessness is not good, even your life is far from calm.

5. Realize that love problems can go a long way if you don’t end it immediately

Basically, a problem has the potential to generate new problems if not resolved immediately. This also applies in the world of love, never delay or even let problems go away.

You have to realize that love problems can go a long way if you don’t end it immediately. Even though it’s difficult, finish it well in order to break all the harmful chains of problems.…

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